An adaptation of the performance “Square of Disquiet” made for Dag van de dans 2020.

Due to this year events the festival took place only on online platforms.

This video was filmed and edit by the wonderful and talented team of Dokma Film.

Prize Award DaNSANTHON 2018

In the context of the Festival Dansathon 2018 in Liége, Guida Inês Maurício won the first prize of the festival with the projet “Cloud Dancing”. This projet proposed the creation of an immersive an intimiste experience using two different spaces. The space of the dance performance where everything happens in front of an audience and an empty room equipped with VR glasses where anyone could go, put the VR glasses and take part in the performance without being contraint by the presence of an audience.

Guida and her team developed the concept of the performance together and she created the choreography and performed it together with another dancer.


A contemporary ritual involving live music, dance, EEG sensors and LED light sculptures. This multidisciplinary performance was presented in Brussels in the conference Net Futures 2017 and in the Südtirol Jazz Festival in Bolzano.

The technology used in this performance is the translation of mind sets captured by the EEG sensors into color codes on the LED light sculptures. This codes are read by the musicians and work for them as a visual musical score. Each musician is reading the brain states of the other creating a way of communication in between them.

The original idea by Martine-Nicole Rojina , choreography by Guida Inês Maurício, music by the artistic collective Permeable and EEG sensors and LED light sculptures by Jasna Rok

Path [ ποίησις ]

An immersive literature performance. Tree performers, two musicians, smart textiles and a quadraphonic sound art installation decode a poetry piece in form of cryptic voices, a random translation of a morse code into emotion by the interpretation of text speech programs, brain waves and sign speech make the composition of this performance.

This performance was presented in  February 2017 in the De Grote Post, in Oostende.

The original idea by Martine-Nicole Rojina , choreographic concept by Guida Inês Maurício, music by the artistic collective Permeable and the fashion designer Jasna Rok


A transdisciplinary dance performance embodying a humanistic approach to technology commissioned by the European Commission. This performance was presented in the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2016 in Barcelona.

This performance was created in collaboration with Luis Miguel Girão (Concept and new technologies) PETERMFRIESS (concept and video) and Ine Claes (concept and choreography).

Beautiful-Touch 3rd interaction lops 1&2_connected performance

Dance improvisation created for the video installation of PETERMFRIESSPresented in the festival Transnumériques during the event Mons2015, in Mons.

A Self-referential performance play in three sets, questioning social systems and perception structures. We as observers of Ourself and increasingly more observed by Others and Machines, realise that our personality is a construction coming from infinite stimulation and reflection – {I exist through you exist through me}.
Participation of everyone in the space and remotely through a web-based interface and camera.
Image contribution by Zoé Tabourdiot and Philippe Franck.

Square Of Disquiet

A multidisciplinary dance performance about inner travels and the im/possibility of breaking out from your own self. Travel without changing space and changing by being the same.

This performance was presented in the festival MAP/P in 2014, in the city of Porto.

The technology used in this performance was a double video projection. One video projected on the floor and one life streaming of the performance captured from the top and projected in the back. A body tracking system that activates recorded text. The texts used during the performance are excerpts from the Book of Disquiet of Fernando Pessoa

This performance was made with the collaboration of Luis Miguel Girão for the development of the technology.