Guida Mauricio‘s work is based in the collaboration between different disciplines including technology, music, costume design, dance and others. She believes that the collaboration between different areas will open new horizons  and that the sharing of knowledge can result in visionary accomplishments.

Guida Maurício was born in Lisbon on the 6th of December of 1984. She graduated in dance interpretation and composition at Escola Superior de Dança, in Lisbon (2003/07), in Portugal. While studying, she had the opportunity to work with renowned creators of the Portuguese dance scene, such as: Amelia Bentes, Jean Paul Buchieri, Olga Roriz e Rui Lopes Graça. In Portugal, she worked as performer at the following dance companies: Companhia de Dança de Almada (2006/07) and Companhia de Dança de Aveiro (2009/11). She taught contemporary and creative dance at Escola de Dança do Orfeao de Leiria (2008/09) and Conservatorio de Musica da Jobra – CMJ (2010/11). In 2010 she creates her first solo, Desassosego 1.1. In 2011, she produces the dance festival 1a Mostra de Dança de Aveiro, in partnership with the Companhia de Dança de Aveiro and the Teatro Aveirense, in Aveiro, Portugal. She moved to Brussels in 2011 where she works as dancer, choreographer and teatcher. In 2012 She participates as dancer and figurant in the movie Wunderhorn. In 2013, she participates in the festival Barnes Cross, with a duo created in partnership with Giovanni Zazzera, entitled Gravity. In 2014, she choreographs a short-movie entitled Toi et Moi for the festival KinoKabaret and she receives a funding support for the production of her new solo Square of Disquiet, made with the collaboration of Luis Miguel Girão, CEO of the company Artsharespecialized in numerical arts, music and performance. This solo was produced for the festival MAP/P, in Porto, Portugal. Since this year they collaborate in the creation of performances that involve dance and numerical arts to events of the European Commission, such as ICT 2015, WMC 2016, EU-CELAC meeting 2016. Each year they collaborate with different artists from different disciplines. In 2015 she participates as a dancer in the installation Beautiful Touch of PETERMFRIESS, presented in the festival Transnumériques one of the events of Mons Capitale de la Culture 2015. From 2016 until 2018 she works as a dancer in the dance company Ballets Confidentiels. By the end of 2016 she starts her collaboration with Permeable an artists collective and Martine-Nicole Rojina, sound producer, performer and metteur en scène. They’re first collaboration was, PATH [ ΠΟΊΗΣΙΣ ], a performance making part of a project funded by the city of Ostende, Rock Strangers make sense to me, presented in De Grote Post, in Ostende, Belgium. In 2017 they’ve made another project untitled ALL_CHE_ME, presented in the  Südtirol Jazz Festival, in Südtirol, Italy and in  TAZ 2017in Ostende, Belgium. In September 2018 she wins the prize of the Dansathon festival, in Liége, with the piece Cloud Dancing. Since 2018 she’s been producing her new piece E-CO.system an environnemental dance piece using new technologies. This piece was to be presented from the 11 until the 27 November 2020 at Théâtre Les Riches-Claires but it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis, the dates are postponed without a fixed date until the moment.

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