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Future Dates


30/09/2018 – Dansathon festival’s presentation of the works, Théâtre de Liége, Liège

28/04/2018 – Dag van the Dance, with Ballets Confidentiels in Centre Culturel Jacques Franck, Brussels.

22/10/2017 – Presentation of the performance ROBOSOUL Synergy 0.0 with Vera Sofia Mota for the video installation ROBOSOUL AND THE DREAM OF ETHICAL HARMONY of PETERMFRIESS. In Ä Cellar, Berlin.

30/07/2017 – Presentation of the performance ALL-CHE-ME in the Rock Strangers sculpture, in Ostende for the festival TAZ 2017

06/07/2017 – Presentation of the performance ALL-CHE-ME in the Südtirol Jazz Festival

28/06/2017 – Presentation of the performance ALL-CHE-ME in the conference Net Futures 2017, collaboration with the collective Permeable and Jasna Rok